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If you are looking for GPS Vehicle Tracking, we can provide you with a solution that meets your needs. Track Your Truck offers affordable, real-time GPS Vehicle Tracking using industry leading technology incorporating both Cellular/GPS and Pure-Satellite/GPS communications. GPS Vehicle Tracking Services is the tracking of vehicles that leads to the collection of vehicle activity and GPS data. When put in the right hands, this information improves your value to your customer by improving the level of service you provide. Better information also leads to higher profits through better fleet management.

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We install a small device in a vehicle that communicates with Masternaut’s servers and through 100% web-accessed software delivers the broadest-range of business benefits. Cloud-based technology means that start-up costs are low and valuable business intelligence is delivered in real-time via a single, robust, effective and scalable new technology platform.
We monitor and manage over 80% of the total cost of fleet operation to empower you with real-time information and business analytics. The technology reduces fuel use and emissions, improves productivity, streamlines processes and provides compliance with legal requirements. We enable favourable terms from insurers, reduce your business risk and promote remote worker safety.
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